Almost All Back and Neck Pain Comes from these 2 Things

Neck and back pain is an extremely common complaint.  In fact its estimated that upwards of 85% of people will suffer at least 1 episode of debilitating back pain at some point in their life. Much more common is the day to day pain and suffering caused by chronic low grade back pain.


So where does back pain come from? Contrary to popular belief you generally don’t just “throw your back out”. Almost all back and neck pain comes from one of two very specific causes.


The first is very straight forward: Injury.  If you are in a car accident, slip and fall or are injured playing sports or something similar you cause direct damage to the muscle, tendon and ligaments in the spine.  The muscles become inflamed in order to protect the area while it heals and you have subsequent back or neck pain for as long as it takes to heal.


The second cause is a bit more subtle but is much more common. In fact almost everyone including yourself has this problem to some degree almost all the time. The problem I am referring to is what we call a spinal subluxation. This is where a bone in the spine has become misaligned and is pinching a nerve exiting the spine. This causes pain and other symptoms like headaches, sciatica, tingling in the fingers, etc… because the muscles become tight in response.


So what causes subluxations? Well, the first cause your familiar with already since we mentioned above. Injuries. The jarring associated with injury and subsequent tightening of the muscles that attach to the spine pull the vertebrae out of place leading to additional tightening of the muscles and pain as the body tries to protect the body from further injury.


The second cause of spinal subluxation is a combination of personal posture and repetitive strain. Put another way… life.  Certain areas of the spine naturally are under more pressure from our posture and daily activities and these areas under more strain tend to be where bones become misaligned, pinching the nerve and eventually causing back and neck pain.


The ONLY way to address spinal subluxation is chiropractic care. Chiropractors assess the spine for these subluxations and perform adjustments to put them back in proper alignment. This relieves pressure on the nerve AND allows injured tissues to heal properly.


So if you have neck or back pain, even pain that is mild or comes and goes or you just feel tight all the time it’s time to see your chiropractor.  Maintaining the health of the spine and nervous system is an ongoing process and regular visits are often needed to make sure the spine is not misaligned and when it starts to become this way that it is addressed before problems can start.


If you are looking for a chiropractor with years of experience and who goes often himself you can message us on Facebook, call our offices or just stop in. We are here to help!


Austin EricksonAbout the Author

Dr. Austin Erickson is a chiropractor with offices in Glenwood City and the 4 Corners near New Richmond, Wisconsin. He is an expert at combining chiropractic treatment with nutritional advice to achieve excellent results. He has cured himself of psoriasis and autoimmune related arthritis using his protocols. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+


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