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Mastering the Art of Self-Care


The human body is a miraculous creation.  It is self regulating and self healing and does all this with no thought required on our part.   And while the body is a master healer things can go wrong. When they … Continue reading

3 Simple Steps to Lifting Properly


By far the most common mistake people make when lifting any object is not using proper technique.   But what is proper lifting technique? Lifting anything, especially heavy objects, can generally be broken down into 3 parts.   1) Bend … Continue reading

Almost All Back and Neck Pain Comes from these 2 Things

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Neck and back pain is an extremely common complaint.  In fact its estimated that upwards of 85% of people will suffer at least 1 episode of debilitating back pain at some point in their life. Much more common is the … Continue reading

7 Foods to Eat Weekly for Better Gut Health

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The foods we eat every day directly impact our gut health because they either feed the “good bacteria” in our gut or the “bad bacteria”. In large part whether or not something is good or bad for us is determined … Continue reading

Migraine Headaches and Chiropractic

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Migraine headaches can ruin an entire day or even a whole week.  Even worse, they can be a chronic condition that can occur several times a month.  While all situations involving migraine headaches are different one thing is certain: they … Continue reading

A Quick, Easy Workout For Busy People

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In todays busy world it can be hard to find the time to exercise regularly.  Thankfully, even short workouts are very beneficial to the body and can improve cardiovascular health and build muscle.   I’m a busy guy and some … Continue reading

3 Simple Stretches to Improve Low Back Pain


Lower back pain is a very common complaint that people seek treatment for.  Low back pain can range from general stiffness and soreness to pain shooting down the legs (also called sciatica).  In many cases the underlying cause is a … Continue reading

A Tale of 2 Cars

Portrait of a mechanic holding a wrench in his garage

Pain is often what gets people to seek chiropractic care, however as I tell my patients often, by the time pain is present the underlying cause of the problem has been present for a longer period of time.   Spinal … Continue reading

Ice or Heat Following an Injury?

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Many times after an injury there is confusion over whether ice or heat should be applied to help it heal.  Before we get into the specifics let me say this…   “Ice is your friend, heat is sometimes your friend.” … Continue reading

3 Clear Indications of a Pinched Nerve

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I treat people for pinched nerves every day.  Some people come in and say “I have a pinched nerve.” Others have no idea if they do or not.  Some tell me their doctor told them they have a pinched nerve. … Continue reading