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Looking for an Energy Boost? Try These 3 Power Packed Snacks

Ants on a log.  Celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins.  Healthy snacking.

Power Packed Snacks! Having a mid day energy drop?  Rather than reaching for a coffee, soda or sugar laden snack why not have something loaded with nutrients your body needs AND tastes great? It’s incredibly easy to bring these portable, … Continue reading

Banish Low Energy With These 7 Common Sense Steps


How many people do you know who are really healthy? They have natural energy and a glow about them that just radiates good health? If your having trouble thinking of many people you know like that you are not alone. … Continue reading

Try This Smoothie Before Bed for a Good Nights Sleep

Sleeping Girl at night on background of the moon

A large percentage of Americans struggle to either fall asleep or to stay asleep preventing them from getting the regenerative sleep they need to be healthy.  Sleep is a very important process where the body repairs damage to muscle, replenishes … Continue reading

The #1 Thing to Do to Prevent Arthritis

Back view portrait of a sports woman standing with boxing gloves in victory pose isolated on a white background

Arthritis is a major health concern in the Unites States today. We know because people with moderate to severe arthritis usually have stiff achy joints that sometimes get more painful with changes in the weather or flare up after seemingly … Continue reading

The Surprising Leading Cause of Summer Back Pain


Summer is great time of year. We can finally get outside and get active and do all the projects we’ve been waiting all winter to get going on. The extra sun exposure also ramps up our vitamin D levels and … Continue reading

Are You Getting the Full Benefits of Sleep?

Relaxed young woman sleeping on a comfortable bed in the clouds

Have you ever had a night when you couldn’t sleep? You spent hours tossing and turning, trying to relax and get some health restoring sleep only to finally drift off an hour or two before the alarm went off and … Continue reading

Making This 1 Change Can Lower Blood Sugar Dramatically


Did you know that high blood sugar is a leading contributor to countless diseases in the United States?  It’s been called a silent epidemic because so many Americans have blood sugar issues and either have no idea or are not … Continue reading

The Top 5 Ways to Injure the Spine

Young woman working with her computer late in the office and suffering from neck pain

We’ve all been there. One minute your doing something around the house or at work, the next your bent over double because of excruciating low back pain that seemingly came out of nowhere. Most of the time our reaction is … Continue reading

What is the Best Age to Get Adjusted for the First Time?

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We all know chiropractic adjustments are great for feeling better and maintaining the function of the spine. But when should you first start getting your kids adjusted? This is the one question I hear most often from parents and here … Continue reading

Picture This… Sciatica Pain Gone


Sciatica. This one word is used so much in my office. Over and over patients come in with complaints of sciatic pain, leg pain, pain shooting down the leg.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, please keep … Continue reading