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Almost All Back and Neck Pain Comes from these 2 Things

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Neck and back pain is an extremely common complaint.  In fact its estimated that upwards of 85% of people will suffer at least 1 episode of debilitating back pain at some point in their life. Much more common is the … Continue reading

The MYTH of Normal Headaches

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Headaches are one of the most common complaints I see as a chiropractor.  And many of these people will tell me that for them headaches are “normal”.  They often have 1-5 headaches a week. Some folks even have a headache … Continue reading

Ice or Heat Following an Injury?

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Many times after an injury there is confusion over whether ice or heat should be applied to help it heal.  Before we get into the specifics let me say this…   “Ice is your friend, heat is sometimes your friend.” … Continue reading

1 Simple Trick That Reduces Headaches Quickly

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Headaches are a very common condition. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic headaches you know how awful and debilitating they can be.  Whether its tension behind the eyes or at the base of the neck or migraines … Continue reading

3 Clear Indications of a Pinched Nerve

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I treat people for pinched nerves every day.  Some people come in and say “I have a pinched nerve.” Others have no idea if they do or not.  Some tell me their doctor told them they have a pinched nerve. … Continue reading

This Overlooked Stretch Can Help Improve Neck and Shoulder Pain

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People often come to me with neck and shoulder problems that just don’t seem to go away.  They have usually tried physical therapy, pain medications and in some cases dry needling and deep tissue massage all with little or no … Continue reading

Getting to the Foot of the Problem


The most common cause of back pain is a spinal subluxation, or a bone out of place.  Once a bone is not in the proper alignment it places stress on the spinal joints which if not corrected leads to degeneration … Continue reading

The #1 Most Overlooked Cause of Back Pain for Parents

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Being a parent is hard work.  We don’t always get enough sleep, are usually in a hurry and have multiple places to be and generally have uber-busy lives.  One aspect of this that is often overlooked, especially for parents of … Continue reading

The 3 Biggest Signs of a Pinched Nerve


As a chiropractor I see many different presentations of pain every day in my office. And while many cases present with the most typical kinds of pain associated with musculoskeletal injuries (dull, achy and tight pain) often patients present with … Continue reading

Headaches: Getting to the Root Cause

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As a chiropractor I see patients suffering from headaches literally every week.  Often when I ask what precipitated the headaches or if there is a certain cause they are aware of the answer is “No, it just came out of … Continue reading