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Picture This… Sciatica Pain Gone


Sciatica. This one word is used so much in my office. Over and over patients come in with complaints of sciatic pain, leg pain, pain shooting down the leg.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, please keep … Continue reading

How Chiropractic Helps Tendonitis


Tendonitis is an extremely common condition caused primarily by the over use of a certain muscle or muscle group.  When the tendons involved are not able to fully heal before being injured again the chronic condition known as tendonitis is … Continue reading

Frozen Shoulder: How to Unfreeze It


One of the interesting things about being a chiropractor is that people are always surprised to learn different conditions that I treat other than back and neck pain. Treating a frozen shoulder is one of the many things I do … Continue reading

What Should You Do If Pain Keeps You From Sleeping?


Chronic pain can have many causes from repetitive stress injuries to slip and fall type injuries.  But one of the lesser known causes of chronic pain is lack of quality sleep. In some cases its the chronic pain that prevents … Continue reading

The Injury That Lead Me To Be A Chiropractor


I’ll admit it. Before I injured my back at 19 years old I had no idea what a chiropractor was.  I had never been adjusted and had never had any serious back related issues. So when I sprained my lower … Continue reading

3 Things to Do After an Auto Accident


Have you ever been in an auto accident?  Be it a minor fender bender or a major accident injuries from auto accidents are unlike normal injuries.  The forces involved are tremendous and can severely injure the spine and neck.   … Continue reading

Bursitis Got You Down? What You Need to Know to Heal this Painful Condition


If you have ever been diagnosed with bursitis you know all too well the pain, stiffness and frustration associated with it.  A bursa is a fluid filled sac or cavity in the body that is designed to reduce friction between … Continue reading

How I Treated a Triple Disc Herniation


Several years ago I had my first real case as an intern fresh out of school.  The man came to the office I was working at literally hunched over and inching forward though our door.  He was clearly in tremendous … Continue reading

Avoid These 3 Triggers of Migraine Headaches


If you suffer from migraine headaches you know how intense the pain can be and likely would do just about anything to avoid having them or to at lease reduce the frequency.  While much of the actual cause of migraine … Continue reading

Once You Read This You Will Understand the Primary Difference Between a Chiropractor and a Medical Doctor (You Will Be Surprised).


Before reading this article let me be very clear in my intent in writing this.  I am not trying to build up profession or tear down another.  I am clarifying the purpose of each in the very complex field of … Continue reading