A Simple Guide to Hydration

Simply drinking enough water is one of the most overlooked aspects of overall health.  Many people barley drink any water, relying instead on soft drinks, coffee, tea and other beverages that contain caffeine, sugar and other flavorings. This is a sure fire recipe for poor hydration status and lingering health effects that are unpleasant but completely avoidable.


Hydration affects everything from mood to energy levels to immune system function. Getting enough water is critical for good health as is exemplified by the fact that humans can live only a few days without water but several weeks without food!


So how much water should a person drink? While there is some debate about how much water exactly is needed a great place to start is the following formula:


Drink half your body weight in ounces every day. 

For example: if you weight 200lbs you would need to drink 100 ounces of water daily. 


This simple formula will absolutely guarantee your at least close to your water needs.  You can add things like lemon juice if you need a little flavor.  Try to stick to pure, filtered water as this is what your body uses the best.

Austin EricksonAbout the Author

Dr. Austin Erickson is a chiropractor with offices in Glenwood City and the 4 Corners near New Richmond, Wisconsin. He is an expert at combining chiropractic treatment with nutritional advice to achieve excellent results. He has cured himself of psoriasis and autoimmune related arthritis using his protocols. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+


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