We Offer a Variety of Services


Chiropractic care offers pain relief by restoring normal joint motion and reducing muscle tension which causes nerve impingement. This allows the body to heal naturally without drugs or surgery. Many problems resolve or significantly improve with only a few treatments.

Weight Loss

We offer a customized weight loss plan that provides you with a diet plan and exercise plan for 1 month to get you started plus a recipe book and additional resources to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle choices beyond the 1 month plan. This plan is easy to follow and will help you change the way you think about food.

Nutritional Supplements

We carry and can order many different nutritional supplements. If you know what you want great! If not and have specific health concerns or just want a good nutritional base for wellness we can help!

Chiroflow Water Pillows

Looking for the best pillow for a good nights sleep? Try the Chiroflow water pillow. A water filled pouch in the center of the pillow allows you to adjust the firmness and the water base contours to your neck and shoulders offering maximum neck support.