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This is our mission at Arvold Chiropractic. Whether you’re looking for pain relief from headaches, sciatica, neck and back pain or you are interested in optimizing your overall health we are here to help!


There has never been a more important time to improve your health.  Millions of people suffer with treatable conditions every day. This does not have to be you! We have helped thousands of people experience relief from neck and back problems, recover from auto accidents and work injures and helped many people get on sustainable wellness plans.


Meet Dr. Austin Erickson. When I was 19 years old I suffered a serious back injury while carrying a bag of feed corn down a narrow flight of stairs. I slipped on some loose corn and absolutely wrenched my  lower back. It felt like someone had plucked the worlds largest electric guitar string down my  right leg!


After 4 days of limping around and not improving my mom made me an appointment with her chiropractor. I clearly remember saying “the Chiro-what?”. They  evaluated my spine and determined that I had a severely displaced L5 (the lowest vertebra in the spine) that was compressing the nerves exiting my spine.


He was able to correct it over about 4 weeks. I was blown away with the amazing results! I also noticed that my neck and mid back felt great after treatments as well even though I didn’t have any symptoms in those areas.  It just felt better. I eventually learned this was because all joints jam up over time which leads to pain and stiffness if not corrected.  From that day on I was hooked on the power of chiropractic to change lives. It certainly helped mine and I continue to get weekly adjustments to this day!


Let me help you heal and feel better. 


Our office is equipped to help you heal and start to feel better today. Call us, send us a message on Facebook or just stop in our Glenwood City office. We can’t wait to meet you!



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Dr. Austin Erickson, DC

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